While many singers would opt for a comfy outfit -- a sweatsuit, perhaps -- for a routine day at the studio, attention-loving Lady Gaga went all out while visiting Milan's Mi Officine Meccaniche Recording Studios today.

The over-the-top performer sported a gothic all-black ensemble consisting of a black strong-shoulder dress that plunged down to there and split up to there, along with a black leather hat, lace veil with a funereal feel, Coke-bottle sunglasses and a pair of debilitating heels with, well, no heel at all.

The towering sculptural pumps, most likely from Gaga's favorite shoe designer, Noritaka Tatehana, feature a platform base around 6 inches high, as well as a zippered back and studded heel-less sole that forces Gaga to balance all of her weight on the ball of her foot.

Just how she's balancing on them, we have no idea. However, thanks to some support from a car door, the 24-year-old pop star didn't topple over, although you might recall a past attempt at walking through London's Heathrow Airport in one of Tatehana's $6,500 designs that resulted in a perhaps predictable face plant.

What do you think of Gaga's footwear: Is it high-fashion genius or just plain silly?

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