Five facts you should know about Gucci, should you be lucky enough to win one of SIX Sukey bags we are giving away today as part of our Most Stylish Time of the Year giveaway:

* Several of its famous logos greatly predate the recent logo-mad decades: Gucci created the "horse-bit" in the 1930s and the famous green-red-green-striped web in the 1950s.

* The two Gs in the design house's other famous logo are those of founder Guccio Gucci.

* The beautiful bamboo-handle handbags were invented to deal with wartime shortages of materials.

* In 1972, American Motors offered a special edition of the Hornet Sportabout with a Gucci interior of buff with red-and-green-striped inserts. (Wow, you know the logo is a hit when it goes that far.)

* You never have to ask for attention when you are carrying a Gucci bag. Just try it and watch the heads turn without ever saying a word. Enter now!

And just a reminder: We're having these amazing giveaways every weekday this month! Each day brings more chances to win, when we increase the prize payload to match the date.