Angela Cosmai Foaming Sea Silk

Angela Cosmai Foaming Sea Silk. Courtesy Photo

I have tried just about every hair product there is -- from the ultra expensive ones offered at the salon to the generic ones at the drugstore.

, conditioners, gels, mousses, pastes, hair sprays -- you name it, it's come home with me as part of my ongoing quest to find the perfect products that will make my hair look, well, perfect.

And then I received a sample of Angela Cosmai's Foaming Sea Silk.

Feeling excited to investigate another new product, I read the label carefully, took a good whiff of the orange-colored liquid, and added it to my next morning's primping ritual.

"Medium hold, foam forming mousse" is how it's described on the label. It also says it's "an alcohol-free foam styling mousse, loaded with extracts of certified organic ingredients. This mousse gives unbelievable lift and volume to all hair types."

I followed the directions and put two to three pumps on my wet hair before blow-drying, working from the roots to the ends. I liked the way this mousse felt on my hands -- it was light and silky (guess that's why they call it a "sea silk"). It wasn't sticky like other products and it also smelled great -- light, almost citruslike. Yum!

When I was finished, my hair looked more fabulous than it had in a long time. It was full of volume and body, and it stayed that way throughout the day -- which is quite an accomplishment considering that I live in Florida, at the beach, where the humidity hovers at 90 percent all the time.

Great, a new product to add to my repertoire, I thought.

And then I looked up the price: $22 for a 7-ounce bottle.


There goes my theory about inexpensive products working just as well as the fancier brands.

The good news is, because you only need a couple of pumps each time, I have only gone through one-third of the bottle in a month versus having to use twice as much of the inexpensive stuff for half the return. So, if I do the math, I'm pretty sure this comes out to be a bargain in the long run.


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