Isabella Rossellini. Photo: Getty Images

After success with her "Green Porno" series of Sundance videos, Isabella Rossellini has created a second series, "Seduce Me." The model turned actress held a cocktail affair earlier this week during Art Basel Miami Beach at the Wolfsonian museum to showcase her latest endeavor. We sat down with Rossellini to find out more about the project, her beauty secrets and what's in store for the filmmaker.

StyleList: What inspired you to create "Seduce Me" for the Sundance Channel?
Isabella Rossellini: It all started with "Green Porno." Sundance commissioned me to create a series of short videos dealing with the environment for the Internet. There's 28 in total now. I decided to focus on animals' mating rituals. I've always been interested in biology and animals.

StyleList: You took biology courses at New York University to help prepare for the role. What was that like? Was it fun going back to school?
I wasn't so good in school when I was younger. It's fun to be in class now with other students. I'm taking science and art classes.

StyleList: Of all the mating strategies in "Seduce Me," which fascinated you the most?
I.R.: I don't have a favorite. When I write, I look for diversity. There are hermaphrodites, asexual animals and animals like the seahorses where the male plays the role of the female. It took me about three months to write "Seduce Me." I illustrated it too. And then my illustrations were executed into costumes and the animals were created. We shot one animal video per day.

StyleList: What are you hoping audiences will get out of watching "Seduce Me"?
I.R.: I want them to watch something comical and get an education.

StyleList: Regarding your modeling career and that you were Lancôme's face for 14 years, can you offer beauty tips on how you stay looking so beautiful at 60?
I.R.: I don't do anything, so I never answer the question.

StyleList: The New York Times wrote that you have graced the pages of Vogue 23 times and that you have kept each cover. What do you like about being a model?
I.R.: It's great. I'm too old to model now, so I don't model anymore. I got into it because my real interest was in photography. My acting career came out of modeling. It's similar to acting.

StyleList: Speaking of fashion, what designers are you keen on these days? Do you already have your outfit selected for Friday's reception?
I.R.: I'm wearing Jil Sander today. Tonight, I'm wearing an Armani jacket and pants. I find it difficult to find evening clothes for someone my age. I don't like short skirts and low cuts. I also like wearing flats. I feel like most clothes are designed for younger people in mind. Marta Ferie, a young Italian designer and Bomba, another Italian brand, are usually where I get my evening clothes.

StyleList: Are you thinking of making another animal film?
I.R.: I'm actually editing now a one-hour special for Planet Green. It's also about animals, but not about mating strategies. It's called "Animal Distract Me."

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