Here's what's happening around the Web this morning:

Jimmy Choo to Relaunch Men's Shoes
Gentlemen, rejoice: Jimmy Choo is getting back into the men's side of footwear for fall-winter 2011. Between high heels, sneakers and Uggs, what's left for them to do for the ladies?
[L.A. Times]

Queen Elizabeth II's Bloomers Up For Auction
You don't need to be Kate Middleton to get intimate with the royals: Queen Elizabeth II's undies are up for sale and expected to fetch $9,000 at auction.

Wal-Mart Appeal Heads to Supreme Court
Gavels at the ready: the discrimination case against the retailer will be heard by the Supreme Court.
[New York Times]

New Survey Reveals the Perfect Age for Plastic Surgery
The average woman believes that the best time to go under the knife is aged 52 years, 41 weeks and four days, with one in three women over 40 considering cosmetic procedures. We'll settle for watching "Bridalplasty."
[Daily Mail]

Rape Investigation Against Heidi Mount's Husband Dropped
The charges against model Heidi Mount's hubby, Shawn Mount, have been dropped and no further action will be taken. Another blonde beauty who stands by her man.
[New York Post]