By The Creators of Le Labo candle and fragrance. Courtesy Photo

As if there isn't already enough of a reason for us to wander about dreamily through Anthropologie's aisles of gauzy feminine offerings, the retailer will soon be handing us another form of entrapment: a full-out beauty department.

Think special, off-the-beaten-path brands with compelling stories, products designed to look like keepsakes, and a lean towards the environmentally-conscious side.

"I'm hunting for things that no one else has," says Melissa Green, a beauty editor turned Anthropologie buyer.

"I want high quality ingredients, authenticity and for something to feel special," added Green.

So far, the eclectic list of brands that has begun rolling out since November includes names like Lipstick Queen, Clark's Botanicals, Saffron James, Duchess Marden and Mason Pearson Brushes.

The brand has also partnered with the New York-based fragrance label Le Labo on a collection of scents and candles that will be known as "By The Creators of Le Labo."

"It's a tribute to an era when perfumers had more say in the vision, when it was more about the creation in the mind than pleasing a specific market," said co-creator Fabrice Penot at the New York unveiling of the collection at Chelsea Market.

"We saw this partnership with Anthropologie as an opportunity to share the idea of 'perfume as an art' with an extended audience who has the taste and refinement to understand what we do," added Penot.

With eau de parfums priced at $62 and solids at $28, and candles at $32, the set of five scents feature amber glass vessels modeled after the 18th century poison bottle.

By The Creators of Le Labo fragrances. Courtesy Photo

Details include a sliding metal compact that emulates the measuring tins popular at the turn of the century, as well as, vintage stamp accents that lend historic character to the bottles.

Penot says that he had one overarching question in mind while designing the fragrances.

"More important than the gender is the quality of intention. I ask myself, 'Is this going to make a woman or man's life more beautiful?'"

All five scents capture different sensations.

Chant de Bois is an excellent unisex find with top notes of bergamot and grapefruit that play with pink pepper and a wood base, while Belle Du Soir's more feminine energy splashes jasmine blossom, rose and gardenia with a top of waterlily and neroli.

Orange Discrète brings mandarin and orange alive with vetiver and musk, and Poudre D'Orient leans to the exotic with violet leaves, iris flower and cashmere woods.

Bouqet Blanc rounds out the collection with a sunny blend of cassis buds and ylang ylang with orange flower, tuberose and a woody musk base.

"Not using traditional packaging allowed us to invest more on the perfume oils themselves. If I am a customer, I am buying a perfume -- not a box -- so let's save trees," says Penot of the brand's decision to forgo the often cumbersome layers of fragrance wrap.

That executive decision gets our stamp of approval.

And earlier this season, we sat down with Saffron James creator Kate Growney to learn how the unique flowers of Hawaii shaped her brand.