Lady Gaga MAC Viva Glam

Lady Gaga will reprise her role as spokesmodel for MAC Viva Glam. Courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

When you've got a winning formula, you want to stick with it.

Such is the news coming from MAC Cosmetics today, as the beauty brand has announced it has signed Lady Gaga for the second year in a row as the face of its fundraising MAC Viva Glam franchise.

In a sneak peek at the visuals shot by Nick Knight and styled by Nicola Formichetti, Gaga is dripping in diamonds and pearls, as well as, painted in a glammed-out smokey eye that contrasts nude lips and platinum blonde locks.

"The beauty of using rock that women of all ages listen to stars in a way they won't listen to the surgeon general," MAC AIDS Fund Executive Director Nancy Mahon told StyleList.

This past year, Gaga joined 80s music icon Cyndi Lauper in a frilly and fun coral lip campaign to rake in the most amount of money the lipstick series has ever made -- over $32 million.

Cumulatively, MAC's efforts have raised more than $190 million since it began the MAC AIDS Fund, which looks to spread awareness and blast stigmas surrounding the disease, as well as, provide help and resources for patients suffering from the fatal strain.

In order for a vendor to sell the highly sought-after MAC line of products, Mahon says the store must be on board with selling the Viva Glam products -- which benefit the MAC AIDS Fund in their entirety.

"Retail partners like Macy's, Nordstrom and Selfridges in London all give their margin back to us, so nothing is taken out of that $14.50 you pay for a Viva Glam lipstick. We owe a lot of our success to their generosity as well," said Mahon.

Gaga will be going it alone for the 2011 campaign, and we're dying to see what else the eccentric singer will flaunt in the photos. Will it be more heel-less shoes, a hair dress, or gravity-defying hat?

We wait with baited breath.

Until then, check out our interview with Cyndi Lauper on why she's so involved in fundraising for AIDS.

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