Courtesy of Something Navy

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Something Navy

Blogger: Arielle Nachmani

Where she lives: New York City

Her thing: Arielle calles her blog "Something Navy" because she wanted to include the word "navy" and kept saying, "hmmm, something navy...something navy" and the name just clicked. But she's not afraid of hot pink or red or bold stripes either.

Arielle began blogging in 2009 featuring both her personal style and what inspires her. She describes her style as eclectic, ever-changing and fun. We have to agree.

We love her way with sweaters and textures. In November Arielle's artwork was featured in the Coach holiday ad campaign, on view in Coach stores around the world. (Look how cute she is showing it to her parents!)

Her current style obsession: A really great piece of fur, long skirts and her black top hat.

She can't believe she ever wore: A Juicy sweatsuit.

When she's not blogging: "I love anything that has to do with Stephen Hawking, science, researching and reading all things related to space," she says. "I paint, love spending time with my three dogs, having drinks with my girlfriends and listening to 90's music. Of course I love shopping too and spending time with my family." Us too!

Arielle's Fashion Fact: Your heel can never be high enough.

Where else to find her:
Twitter: @Something_Navy
Facebook at