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As Katy Perry's already taught us, a little cleavage can cause big trouble. And far from getting you ahead in the workplace, it can even cost you your job.

A new U.K. survey carried out by entrepreneur Peter Jones has found that one in five managers has fired someone for dressing inappropriately at work, with bosses citing low-cut tops as one of the biggest work-related fashion faux-pas someone can make.

Almost half of the bosses surveyed also admitted that overexposed candidates were also bypassed for promotions and salary increases, the Daily Mail reports. Eighty percent of those questioned agreed that the way you dress impacts your career.

Showing off your assets isn't the only thing that can lead to rejection: wearing wrinkled shirts, flip-flops and sneakers to work are all major pet peeves of managers, while looking scruffy at a job interview is unlikely to land you the position. We have to wonder: Who wears flip-flops to work in cold and rainy Britain?

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