Seth Browarnik, Startraks

Christmas came early in New York's Astor Place on Friday night, as several of fashion's top names co-hosted gym owner David Barton's 10th annual charity toy drive.

"This kicks off the holiday season -- now I really feel like we're in the holiday spirit!" co-host Calvin Klein told us after stashing his gifts under the tree. "David always does this, and I think it's so important that the gym becomes a vehicle for everyone to come together."

Klein's fellow hosts were designer Narciso Rodriguez (who had something to tell us -- read on!); top fashion photographer Steven Klein; hotelier Andre Balazs; Barton's (ex-ish, we're never quite sure) wife, nightlife promoter Suzanne Bartsch; and Marc Jacobs, who arrived with an entourage of strapping young men toting Marc Jacobs shopping bags.

"I'm much happier giving them away," Jacobs assured StyleList of his stash, which included Barbies, a Radio Flyer wagon, a globe, Lego and a Nintendo DS, to name just a few. But though his gifts were many, the designer admitted that his childhood toy needs were limited: "[When I was a kid] I liked to draw, so I was always happy with just paper and pencil."

Seth Browarnik, Startraks

Abigail Breslin, at just 14, had a harder time parting with the presents she brought for the occasion. "That baby doll -- I was inches away from buying one for myself!" she laughed. "I'm probably going to ask for that for Christmas!"

Club-kid designer Richie Rich's Christmas list was concise: "I really don't want much," he said, "just a manicure that never chips."

Of his holiday wish list, Rodriguez pointed to significant other Thomas Tolan and ventured, "A diamond engagement ring?" Hint, hint...

Of course, this being the holidays, StyleList had to ask Barton himself for his best stay-fit tips during this season of overindulgence. "Don't stop working out all of December and then try to kill it on Jan. 2," the gym guru advised.

"Try to get a couple workouts in the week, even if you're eating and drinking. Listen: Eat, drink, be merry, party your brains out -- but come to the gym. Everything in balance. A little pumpkin pie here and there never hurt anyone!"

This year, Barton's toy drive benefited St. Vincent's Medical Center, Mount Sinai Hospital Pediatric HIV Program, New York Presbyterian Pediatric Studies, the Family Care Center of Harlem Hospital and other children's organizations.