Bianca Jagger and Jemima Khan outside of the bail hearing for Julian Assange. Photos: Oli Scarff, Getty Images | Dan Kitwood, Getty Images

It looks like the trial of embattled Wikileaks founder Julian Assange just got a little style boost.

Fashion icon and human-rights activist Bianca Jagger was seen rallying in favor of Assange (currently in a London jail awaiting another hearing Thursday) outside his bail hearing yesterday at a London court.

The legendary Studio 54 beauty wore a mink-collared coat and tiny John Lennon-like shades while she campaigned against the holding of Assange, the Australian journalist who many believe is being held because of his whistle-blowing Web site instead of the sexual assault charges he is accused of.

Also on the front lines with Jagger was British heiress and human-rights advocate Jemima Khan, who wore a wool jacket with a dramatic collar, white button-down, gray cardigan, black pants and high black leather boots. Khan made her first appearance at the courthouse seven days earlier while campaigning for Assange's release.

Aside from these two beauties, famed New York filmmaker Michael Moore has offered to put up the $20,000 bail that would allow Assange to get out of the jail.

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