Claire Danes

It's all in the eyes! Source claims Claire Danes is experiencing Latisse side effects. Photo: AP

A gossip item out of the New York Post's "Page Six" is making Claire Danes' lashes flutter.

An anonymous source claims "that Danes' makeup artist has to plaster on concealer to cover the bruise-like purplish and yellowish" skin discoloration that the actress' use of lash-growth drug Latisse has left around her eyes.

Cited as a possible side effect, skin darkening joins redness, itchiness and alternate hair growth as unwanted consequences that may occur with use of the serum, for which Danes was tapped earlier this year as spokesmodel.

While the 31-year-old Emmy-winning star admits on her Latisse blog to experiencing redness during the first week she was on the lash-growth serum, product maker Allergan is calling foul on the talk of skin darkening.

"Between Claire's team, Allergan and Claire's physician, we don't know where this false rumor originated," an Allergan spokesperson tells StyleList.

"Claire Danes has been using Latisse since late 2009, and has been happy with her experience and lash results. She continues to use Latisse, and is proud to continue to serve as a spokesperson for the Latisse brand," adds the spokesperson.

Could it be trash talk planted by a competitor? Impossible to tell.

Originally an eye-drop drug used to treat glaucoma, Latisse's main ingredient, bimatoprost, was inadvertently discovered to grow thicker and longer lashes.

Pharmaceutical company Allergan, which also makes the wrinkle-blasting injectable Botox, now offers the serum as the first FDA-approved lash-growth drug.

The $120 tube with 30 days of treatment requires a prescription, and is not covered by insurance when used as a lash grower.

When we put the tube to the test, the lush, length-defying results were impressive.

And while we're not alone with our Bambi-lash experience, more and more consumers are putting themselves in danger by trying to procure the bimatoprost ingredient for less.

Clearly, women will go to great lengths for the sake of their lashes.

But don't think the boys are excluded; there has been whispers in the industry that Latisse may debut a hair-growth product for male pattern baldness.

Until then, researchers at Britain's Belgravia Centre say that getting a full night's sleep can naturally boost your hair follicle production.

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