Harry Slatkin, Martha Stewart and Laura Slatkin

Harry Slatkin, Martha Stewart and Laura Slatkin. Courtesy Photo

A tiny White Castle steps away from New York City's Port Authority bus terminal hardly seems like a venue Martha Stewart and Vera Wang would swing by for cocktails, but the unlikely scenario happened just last night.

The homemaking magnate and the fashion designer were on hand to celebrate the launch of Nest Fragrance's Original Slider-Scented Candle -- with proceeds benefiting advocacy organization Autism Speaks.

The $13 candle captures the scent of a steam-grilled burger topped with onions and features a ceramic container that replicates the cardboard holder of White Castle burgers.

Designed by Nest founder Laura Slatkin -- hubby Harry Slatkin was also at the unveiling -- the candle will be available for purchase at White Castle joints nationwide, as well as, at HouseOfCrave.com.

The seemingly different bedfellows joined together when White Castle executives Bill and Marci Ingram met Laura Slatkin, who sits on the board of Autism Speaks. Both families have children who are diagnosed with autism.

"When I first heard this idea, I thought that it smelled like a good idea," quipped Harry Slatkin, of the notion of a burger-smelling candle, which came about after the two couples had dinner at the Slatkin's Upper East Side townhouse.

But for whom is the quirky gift a good buy?

"This is a great boyfriend gift," Laura Slatkin told StyleList. "There's something about that steaming scent of a hot slider, fresh on your plate, that men especially like."

Meanwhile, Stewart relayed memories of paying cents for a burger at the Clifton, N.J., White Castle near her childhood home, while we silently wondered if she tie-dyed her napkin setting before hunkering down for a bite.

White Castle slider-scented candle

White Castle slider-scented candle. Courtesy Photo

Wang kept warm despite the city's subfreezing wave in a black-on-black ensemble, accessorized with a black knit hat, flat leather boots and a chunky layered necklace of sparkling baubles.

It's an encore showing for the candle, which originally made its debut during National Hamburger Month in May, when the limited batch of 10,000 candles sold out in less than 48 hours.

Now returning for the holiday season only, the Original Slider candle has raised $500,000 for Autism Speaks in cumulative donation sales so far.

We're guessing that the sizzling scent of a bed of onions nestled over a fresh slider makes for an uptick in cravings and subsequent fast-food sales, too.

Harold and Kumar, anyone?

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