Photo by Nick Saglimbeni

The 2010 Kardashian Christmas card became the must-see thing on the Internet today. Kim Kardashian's stylist, Monica Rose, spoke to us after a cross-country flight back to her Los Angeles home.

"They wanted it to be over-the-top glamour this year," Rose told us of the shoot with 11 members of the Kardashian-Jenner clan.

"I was inspired by Tom Ford's Spring-Summer 2011 ad campaign. I suggested they wear different colors, rather than all the same color like we have done in previous years." (A gallery of previous years' Christmas cards is available on Kim's personal Web site.)

Photo by Nick Saglimbeni

The family looks so grand and regal -- earlier today StyleList published the complete fashion credits for the shoot -- that we wondered whether there was a little "Dynasty" in the inspiration?

"Funny that you mention 'Dynasty,'" Rose said. "I saw in a magazine one time that the girls' fashion was inspired by Joan Collins from 'Dynasty.' I used to watch 'Dynasty' as a kid with my mother and would be fascinated by their outfits! Maybe that era stuck with me and it comes out in my styling?"

Rose said it took about three days to pull all the fashion for the shoot, which was shot by photographer Nick Saglimbeni. Anyone who follows the family saga will recognize the players: Kim Kardashian; sister Khloe Kardashian and boyfriend Lamar Odom; brother Rob; mother Kris Jenner and husband Bruce, with daughters Kendall and Kylie; and Kourtney Kardashian, with boyfriend Scott and son Mason. Rose said it was important to work with each family member as an individual.

"I've worked with them for a while now, so I know what they like and what styles fit them the best," Rose told StyleList. "Their personal style does often come out in what I pull. I usually pull a rack of wardrobe for each of them and show them my favorite pieces that I have envisioned for them, and then I let them go through the rack and pick what they love as well. We work together," she said.

Photo by Nick Saglimbeni

Any personal favorites from the fashion in the shoot?

"I loved them all! It's hard to choose a favorite. What I love about the girls is they always own their looks, which shows on camera."

As a stylist who works with both Kim and her larger family, Rose has helped craft a look that seems to have caught the essence of contemporary celebrity.

"I think the Kardashians have such mass appeal in today's culture because, besides the glitz and glam, they are hard-working young individuals who have a loving and supportive family," Rose told us.

"Many people look to the Kardashian style because it is something they can relate to. Whether they have the same body type or mixing high and low fashion, many fans can buy what they wear. I am very proud of the girls and my contribution to their style."

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