Karla in a faux fur coat, clutching her own design with Coach, and prom dress from the '50s. All photos courtesy of Karla's Closet

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Blog: Karla's Closet

Blogger: Karla Deras

Where she lives: Simi Valley California.

Her thing: Karla's style is hard to define. She stocks up on basics at stores like Forever 21 and American Apparel and can never seem to take off her favorite pair of Levi's jeans and then pairs 'em with designer duds. (Her shoe collection alone features Marc Jacobs, Alaïa, YSL, Balenciaga, and Miu Miu.) She told StyleLikeU, a burgeoning social network that honors individualistic beauty and creativity, "I don't wear heels and a tutu to get coffee at Starbucks so that people can stare at me. I wear it because that is what I feel good in." Check out gallery of Karla trying on pieces from her unpredictable wardrobe.

Her current style obsession: "I love anything from the 50s, faux fur coats, and bright colors."

She can't believe she ever wore: A one-piece swimsuit with jeans. (Neither can we!)

When she's not blogging: ...she takes on multiple side projects! Since the launch of Karla's Closet, she has fielded opportunities from American Apparel, Forever 21, Levi's, Juicy Couture, and Google. Plus, a very special collaboration with handbag retailer Coach -- the vintage lover's inspiration for the purse is a men's messenger bag and briefcases from the fifties with edgier add-ons like a chain strap.

Karla's Fashion Fact: Her love of bright colors goes beyond clothes - she is also inspired by art, especially de Kooning's work.

Where else to find her:
Twitter: @Karla_Deras