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"I'm a Christmas person," breakout actress Carey Mulligan tells StyleList. "I do everything back at home in London with my family. We get a Christmas tree three weeks before because we like having it around. Then we don't get rid if it until February."

And the young British star isn't the only one for whom Christmas is a big deal. Carson Kressley told us: "Christmas is striking fear in my heart because I'm working until December 23rd on my new show for the Oprah Winfrey Network."

Fortunately, he doesn't have to do any last-minute shopping. "I was really, really good and started shopping in October. I finished it up on Cyber Monday or Massage Tuesday. And I always get a Christmas tree early, so it will probably be completely bald by the time I get home. I always go to see my family in Pennsylvania and our horses are there. We always make them a little stocking full of carrots and apples and peppermints -- they love candy."

Paula Abdul said she would be staying home for the holidays, to recover. "I am so tired! I have been working so much on my new show 'Live To Dance,'" she told us. "I'm involved in it on every level. America is really going to be blown away by this."

Simon Doonan told us that he and his husband, design guru Jonathan Adler, "have two little Liberace holiday balls that we bought at the Liberace Museum in Las Vegas. They have Liberace's face on them and look like Mr. Magoo because it's a ball and his face is stretched out. We're both in retail so holiday is a year-round thing for us."

Actress Leelee Sobieski is looking forward to getting out of town. "Usually we have cheese fondue over the holidays," she says. "This year we're going to Portland to film a promotional video for [husband Adam Kimmel's] company. And I've never been, so I'm excited."

Fashion personality Robert Verdi has a very strict program for Christmas Day. "I get my nieces outfits to wear on Christmas morning because I hate what they pick out themselves," he told us. "I just got back from India and I got them what they call these Punjab outfits which are tunics with the matching pants. I already gave them to them and they know, if they don't wear them, they don't get the gifts. It's a control thing. It's the one day that my sister, who is the mom of four and struggles to get it together every day, and I get dressed up.I wear plaid pants and she puts on a sequin cardigan. I don't know where we started it, but I think it's the one day we share dressing up."

Socialite and CW Network reality star Tinsley Mortimer says "I've never had a Christmas tree in New York. This year, I'm starting new in my life and I have a new place and I have a Christmas tree. I remember as a child looking through ornaments and seeing the ones I'd made and ones that made me happy. I have all new ornaments this year."

If there's a Grinch in the bunch, it might just be former "Bachelorette" Ali Fedotowsky, "My family isn't big on traditions," she told us. "None of us cook, I guess our tradition is that we always end up eating at a Chinese restaurant for Christmas."