Get more bang for your buck with these $30 clip-in bangs from Urban Outfitters. Photo:

Want to spice up your 'do for the next holiday party? Why not add some super-chic bangs? Without cutting your hair, of course!

Urban Outfitters, America's hip retailer for the 20-something crowd, is making good on their promise to add reasonably-priced beauty products.

For just $30, you can get a set of clip-in bangs made with 100 percent human hair.

The bangs come in black, brown, chocolate, bright yellow and mustard hues. And while we think they could have named these colors something more exciting to match their youthful, trendy vibe, we love the fact that you can cut, color and shape these blunt strands to further fit your unique style.

Would you wear these, ladies? We've certainly seen our share of Hollywood celebs sporting bangs lately -- like Kate Moss and Taylor Swift. Even Cher sported fake fringe recently.

Want to learn how to style your clip-in bangs? Check out the video below for some quick pointers!