Hello Kitty for Sephora fragrance and mirror. Photo: Sephora.com

In a match made in gorgeous, girly heaven, Sephora is set to launch an exclusive line of Hello Kitty beauty products in January.

Given how both entities tend to inspire happiness in the hearts of girls of all ages, it's hard to believe these two worlds haven't collided sooner.

Hello Kitty for Sephora eyeshadow and lipgloss palette. Photo: Sephora.com

The collection includes everything from lipgloss to eyeshadow palettes, makeup brushes to compacts, and the price points for the adorable items range from $5 to $55. You can expect the products to be outfitted in all of Hello Kitty's glamorous glory, meaning lots of jewel-encrusted adornments and her signature bow.

We're particularly loving the look of the perfume which is captured in a Hello Kitty shaped bottle, accessorized with a sparkly pink atomizer, as well as, a silver handheld mirror that is sure to make any lucky lady feel like the fairest one of all.

Last year, Hello Kitty proved that 35 really is the new 25 by teaming up with a slew of high-profile brands to celebrate her milestone birthday -- the fashionable feline was "born" on November 2, 1974 in case you wanted to send her a card.