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Queen Elizabeth and her daughter-in-law, Camilla, have annoyed animal rights activists by wearing fur to attend church on Christmas Day.

Her Majesty wore a Cossack-style fox fur hat and a cream-colored wool coat with fur trim on the cuffs. Camilla, the wife of Prince Charles whose title is the Duchess of Cornwall, wore a similar Russian-style hat by the milliner Philip Treacy.

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Britain's Daily Mail reported that the hat-maker used "vintage fur" which had previously belonged to the duchess's mother. The paper quoted Andrew Tyler, director of the UK charity Animal Aid, saying: "This strikes me as an ostentatious display of cruelty. To parade fur in 2010 says something unpleasant about the person ­wearing it."

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Britain's royals have long been split on the acceptability of wearing fur. The wife of Prince Edward, the queen's youngest son, apologized after being criticized for wearing a fur hat in 2000, calling it "an error of judgment."

But the Queen herself has enjoyed many traditional pastimes of the aristocracy which seem cruel to modern sensibilities, including shooting weekends and fox hunting (which is now banned in Britain.)

Camilla attracted criticism for wearing fur twice last year during an official visit to Canada. (However, for royal ostentation and fur, it's hard to go past this picture of Princess Anne standing on a polar bear skin on her wedding day.)

And where does Britain's It-Royal, Kate Middleton, stand on fur? While she is not known for draping herself in animal skins, she did controversially wear a mink fur hat to a horse racing event in 2006.

Maybe she'll tone it down on her wedding day and just pose for pictures standing on a Pillow Pet?

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