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In the Northeast, it really began to look a lot like Christmas -- the day after Christmas.

Now, in the aftermath of the blizzard that has left travelers stranded and streets piled high with the fluffy stuff, it's time for many to dig out and get back to work. The problem is, how do you still look chic when you're surrounded by mountains of snow?

New York-based celebrity stylist Elle Werlin says it starts with the right coat.

"The latest trend to come back this season is fur, whether it be real or faux," she tells StyleList. "If you want to double-up on two big trends this winter, go to your local vintage store and purchase a '50s fur coat. You will never look more glamorous in the snow. Another trend that will keep you stylish and trendy this winter is a classic anorak with a fur-trimmed hood, perfect for the woman who wants to be sporty, yet polished."

"Or, since it is all about layers this season, add some warmth and sophistication to your look with a cape," says Werlin. "Depending on your style and shape, make the cape a statement piece or keep it classic in camel."

Celebrity stylist Penny Lovell says a fitted, quilted down coat is warm, stylish and functional.

"Martin Margiela had a great one this season, also Moncler. All the Moncler stuff is great," she says. "Also, faux fur a la Chanel is really great -- a big oversized faux fur, coat or jacket."

More than two feet of snow? That's child's play for stylish Coloradans. In their mountainous state, ski resorts such as Aspen average more than 300 inches a year, and a blizzard means one thing: fresh powder.

Maybe that's why Nancy Sagar, spokeswoman for Neiman Marcus in Denver's chic Cherry Creek neighborhood, says people in Colorado have entire boot wardrobes.

"Personally, I finally broke down and bought some Uggs -- I never thought I would," she tells StyleList. "But, I have to say, they are the most comfortable and warm boots. I wear them in the house ... Hunter boots, the weather boots, are blowing off the shelves. They have the sock inserts that go with them, so you can change them out. They roll over the top of the boot and they're really cute and colorful and fun and give it a little bit more style. And riding boots, of course, are always way up there."

Colorado-based fashion expert Judie Schwartz of Style Matters tells StyleList looking chic in snowy weather is all about proportion.

"Balance a puffy jacket with knee-high furry boots or Uggs over skinny jeans or thick leggings," she says. "Accessorize with a funky hat and matching gloves."

And Brandi Shigley, founder of FashionDenver, agrees, saying due to Colorado's crazy weather patterns -- snowstorm in the morning and clear skies with sunshine by the afternoon -- residents learn to dress in layers.

"It's also fun to wear one special little something that makes you feel warm and sunny, even when it's cold outside -- like your favorite pair of sassy underwear or a favorite brooch. Even if people can't see the cute little pieces underneath, you know they are there."

Here are some more snow-chic tips from our experts.

Layer it on thick. "Since the layered look is on trend and keeps you warm, I suggest a long-sleeve tee under a button-down, with a vest and then an oversized cardigan," Werlin says. "To compliment the top without distorting one's silhouette, try either chunky cable knit tights and a skirt, or cashmere leggings look better than knee-boots."

Brighten up. "I think the winter accessories are the perfect way to be fashionably chic with colorful bold fabrics in scarves and hats and fun mittens or gloves," Shigley says. "My favorites are my leopard-print Isotoner gloves with a hot pink beret, paired with a gray infinity scarf. These three pieces keep me warm and stylish on the go."

Hat trick. "I think a lot of people do forget about hats, and so much heat escapes from your head in that kind of weather," Sagar says. "We had these darling little skull caps this year with big cabbage roses on the side. They were adorable. You might have hat hair but that's OK. Everyone else will, too. But, if you're not a hat person, earmuffs are always cute. Uggs has darling earmuffs."

"For hats, a men's cap is really cool -- tweed or knitted," Lovell says. "I always love hats from Zara Men."

"It is back to Russia this winter, with fancy hats that are fur or fur trimmed," Werlin says. "Since these hats also cover one's ears, it will keep you warm all winter. If you are feeling more hipster than Russian oligarch, then a chunky knitted cap, otherwise known as a stocking cap, is your best bet. And the oversize stocking cap or bowler hat has enough space to eliminate that hat head look."

Avoid the dreaded hat hair. "Tie your hair in a loose pony on top of your head," Schwartz advises. "Wear a hat that's large enough to cover your whole head. When you get inside, discretely undo the ponytail. Shake out that mane, girl, and warm up."

Free your fingers. "If you are someone who texts a lot or uses your phone a lot, those new fingerless gloves -- they're basically sleeves, instead of a glove -- are pretty great," Sagar says.

"You can never go wrong with a great pair of long, cashmere lined leather gloves," Lovell says.

Boot up. "There are so many cool rain boots that look like leather boots that you can wear in the snow this season," Lovell says. "Marc by Marc Jacobs and Banana Republic both have especially stylish ones."

"The famous duck or shearwater boot with knee-high socks and tights will keep one on trend and still be warm," Werlin says. "A personal favorite is the thigh-high duck boot by Tommy Hilfiger, but the classic knee-boot will always keep you warm. And many designers showed a riding boot -- add cable-knit thick socks, and you have the perfect winter camper chic look."

Under wraps. "I love really long, wide cashmere or fine wool scarves wrapped round a couple of times for a big statement at the neck," Lovell says. "A pattern or contrasting color scarf looks great. Camel and tan are especially chic for this season."

Mix up your accessories. "I think it is best to mix and match, as too much of one color or pattern will be overkill," Werlin says. "Accessories are supposed to be fun, so having too much of one pattern or color actually can make an outfit look cheap rather than chic. For instance, leopard print accessories are big this season. Thus, I would advise one to wear a leopard-printed scarf, a brown bowler hat and camel or red gloves. There should be one accessory that is either a bold color or print. The rest should pick up the colors of your jacket or other accessories."

Relax and enjoy it. "We're so used to snow here in Colorado, we don't walk around with grimaces on our faces -- we smile," Sagar says. "That's part of our look, as well. We know the snow is good for the mountains and the ski resorts."

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