Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Ultra Lift and Firm Makeup SPF 15 and Makeup Blender. Courtesy of Elizabeth Arden

A new moisturizing and lifting makeup line by Elizabeth Arden sounds like just what our winter-wearied skin needs.

We hear that Ceramide Ultra Lift and Firm Makeup SPF 15 and Concealer will launch on counters for $42 and $19.50, respectively, beginning in January, and will feature a creamy texture that promises to impart skin care benefits best suited to normal to dry skin types.

The concealer and foundation will both contain a plumping peptide complex the brand has termed "Snap-8," which claims to show a 35 percent reduction in the depth of lines and wrinkles after 30 days of use.

Hibiscus seed extract firms skin by supporting collagen, elastin and protein pathways, and a triple complex of ceramides help protect and enforce the skin's natural moisture barrier.

Antioxidants like Vitamins A, C and E help to promote a clear complexion, and botanicals like squalane and red clover extract moisturize and replenish.

The science may all sound snazzy, but we're most intrigued by the spongey teardrop-shaped makeup brush that will also debut with the makeup for $15, and that easily reaches into dark spots like the corners of the nose and inner oval of the eye.

Yet, scoring the perfect foundation and concealer finish can be intimidating -- so we asked Celebrity Makeup Artist Brett Freedman for goof-proof tips.

The secret? It all lies in what you are trying to cover.

Undereye circles: First apply foundation or tinted moisturizer, and then go in with concealer so that you need less product. "Begin by dotting on the inner eye by the tear duct. Spread with your finger for light circles. For darker circles, use a brush. Get into that eye mainly where it's darkest. Finish by setting with a light texture translucent powder. Avoid anything too pigmented," advises Freedman.

Pigmentation spots: First apply a sheer layer of foundation over the entire face, and then focus on your darkened areas of concern. Apply the same foundation to just those areas using a brush, and allow to dry. If areas are still dark, apply a final layer of concealer. "Don't try to fully cover spots. Aim to minimize and downplay. Since you're adding extra pigment to parts of your face, I like to finish with a sheer, light-reflecting powder," says Freedman.

Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Ultra Lift and Firm Concealer. Courtesy of Elizabeth Arden

Acne: For dry pimples that are flat and healing, cover with a touch of foundation -- and finish with a brush of concealer that is a touch lighter than your foundation. Use a concealer brush to dot and feather to blend. Set with your usual setting powder while brushing over the whole face, as just spot-powdering will make your zit look too dry and obvious. "If it's a round, angry zit, use a touch of drying blemish cream to give the stretched, smooth 'dome' some texture, so it can grab onto the pigment and coverage without sliding off. Once prepped, you're free to cover as you would the dry zit," advises Freedman.

Voila! Now you have the number one beauty wish most women want: flawless skin.

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