MAC Cosmetics Mickey Contractor

MAC Cosmetics and Mickey Contractor makeup looks. Photos courtesy of MAC Cosmetics.

If you have an olive-based skin tone, you're going to flip for MAC Cosmetic's latest color launch.

Designed by Mickey Contractor -- the artist behind three decade's worth of glamorous Bollywood movie stars -- the color story will debut yellow-based foundations and concealers finely tuned to match the Indian skin tones that Contractor is so familiar with sculpting.

The collection also includes a brilliant palette of bright fuchsias, teals, plums and neutrals to perfectly complement tan tones, and will launch by way of lipsticks, Lipglasses, eye shadow pots and palettes, as well as the brand's popular Fluidline gel eyeliner.

"The inspiration for this collection really came from what I felt Indian women needed. Pigmentation and discoloration problems around the mouth and under the eyes is something that most people in India have a problem with, so creating the concealers was really important to me," says Contractor, who is also MAC's director of makeup artistry for India.

"Outside of India, they'll also work beautifully on Hispanic, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern skins, which can also have similar issues with pigmentation," adds Contractor, who says that previous to this collection, he has had trouble with skin makeups appearing gray on yellow-toned clients.

MAC Cosmetics and Mickey Contractor eye shadow in Marvel, Fluidline in Ivy, Lipstick in Gulabi and StudioFix Fluid SPF 15 Foundation in NC43.5. Photos courtesy of MAC Cosmetics.

Our pick for star product is the double-ended Select Moisturecover corrector, which claims to transform your favorite concealer or foundation into a tone custom-suited for yellow-based skins. A dot of the yellow side will lighten too dark hues, while a touch of the coral will neutralize too light shades.

Meanwhile, the sultry makeup pieces carry Indian names like Viva ("marriage"), Jaan ("my life") and Athma ("soul"). Contractor points to the nude-beige-brown lipstick Mehr ("grace") as one of his favorites, which he named for his wife.

India's influence doesn't just stop at the names; the shades are all culturally informed as well.

For example, the bright hue of pink found in the eye shadow pot is often associated with India as "Rani pink." Maharanis, or princesses, from Rajasthan traditionally incorporated the vibrant pink shade into their outfits as a symbol of royalty.

The splashy teal and emerald-green gel eyeliners, on the other hand, were inspired by mere practicality.

"To create shades like this bright turquoise and green, I previously had to use an eye pencil and then put a powder shadow over it. Since everyone was asking how to re-create them, I thought, 'Why not make it so they can have it in one pot and just paint it on?'" explains Contractor.

We like the way this man thinks.

MAC Cosmetics Mickey Contractor

MAC Cosmetics and Mickey Contractor lipstick look. Photo courtesy of MAC Cosmetics.

The new makeup goodies will retail from $14.50, for the eye shadows, to $36, for the eye shadow quad, and will hit MAC counters nationwide on Jan. 6.

And after a lifetime of working in the Bollywood biz, Contractor has certainly left his makeup mark.

"My whole idea was to try and minimize the old Bollywood way of makeup as much as possible -- we used to be pan stick and pancake makeup," explains Contractor.

"I wanted it to look more modern, more real, more today, closer to what Hollywood does... because it makes it more believable. That was my contribution to this culture."

And we thank you for your color contribution to brown girls everywhere.

Though speaking of which, Elle India is in hot water for appearing to have lightened the skin tone of its most recent cover model, Bollywood star and former Miss World Aishwarya Rai.