The long anticipated online magazine, PMc, by celebrity photographer Patrick McMullan, finally launched today on New Years Eve.

McMullan is the most famous party photographer in New York City, and the photographs of social events that appear every day on his company web site are a must-look for celebrities, socialites and media professionals.

"Creating a magazine has been a dream of his [McMullan's] for over a decade, and the dream has finally come to fruition," explains a description of the mag on its site.

"The magazine is a venue for showcasing interesting people, events and art. It will obviously have a close tie to New York City's nightlife, considering that Patrick McMullan is it's founder, but its scope will not end there. It will include images and stories on art, fashion, film, television, music, literature, travel, business, politics, etc."

Among the mag's first features are a spread and interview with Lisa Edelstein of "House", and a conversation on the future of public art with Yvonne Force Villareal and Dorreen Re.

Mini Q&A profiles seem to be the mag's bread and butter. The first issue features McMullan himself, gallery owner Bill Powers, Village Voice columnist Michael Musto, artist Romero Britto and financier Alexandra Lebenthal. Among the questions: What do you do? What are you working on? And of course, how do you know Patrick McMullan?

The magazine will inevitably feature plenty of photography from McMullan and his team of photographers as well as continued features on "FOPs" -- Friends of Patrick.