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Brad Womack may have once been the most hated single man in America, but the recycled star of ABC's "The Bachelor" has kept one enduring fan: the show's resident stylist, Cary Fetman.

Fetman tells StyleList that Womack was his favorite bachelor to dress long before the finicky urban cowboy -- who infamously rejected all 25 women he reality-dated in 2007 -- was given a controversial second chance at fronting the show.

Womack's second season (and the show's 15th outing) makes its debut on Jan. 3 when 30 women step out of limousines at the "Bachelor" pad for their supersize speed date.

In honor of the occasion, Fetman, who also dresses Joan Rivers for E!'s "Fashion Police," gave us his behind-the-seams dish.

StyleList: Am I imagining things or has Brad lost weight?
Cary Fetman
: He's lost some bulk. He's very serious about his workouts. He says he does them just to feel good and stay centered, but his entire look is leaner, and if possible, he's more breathtaking than before. But his suit size is a little unusual. He's got these 43/44 shoulders and a 32-inch waist. One of the few suit designers he could wear off-the-rack was Dolce & Gabbana. They cut a beautiful suit for his body type.

StyleList: Brad was demonized after he rejected Deanna Pappas and Jenni Croft on the Season 11 finale. What don't we know about him?
He's the most genuine, kind man we've ever had in this role and I've said that about him since the first day I met him. He's an old-fashioned Southern gentleman with a lot of class. I loved him when he was the villain and now -- when he will clearly be a hero -- I love him even more. He was the most honest bachelor we've ever had, which is what got him into trouble. He was villainized for being so honest and walking away from wonderful women he didn't truly love.

StyleList: Have you've studied the tapes from his past season to make sure he wears nothing resembling the tan suit and print tie he wore for his last finale.
C.F.: Studied? I don't have too! Those images are etched in my memory, like my own personal fashion nightmare. He almost destroyed the show pulling off his tie and walking away from Deanna. There will be no tan suits for this finale! No ties remotely resembling what he wore the first time. For this finale, we are in a locale that could allow for something casual, but I went very, very formal. And dark! It's a completely different look for a completely different ending.

StyleList: Brad is a bar owner from Austin, Texas. Was he up for all the fancy duds?
C.F.: Brad is a complete surprise in that he has an eye for fashion. He was like my own personal Ken doll. There is no one more fun to dress because he appreciates the clothes, but he has no pretense. He would toss on a $5 Old Navy T-shirt and say, "Do you like it on me?" And if the answer was yes, he was like, "Cool."

StyleList: What's in his closet?
C.F.: My friend Brad got some good clothes. I shopped my butt off. He's in lots of Dolce & Gabbana, some really good Hugo Boss suits, and great sportswear from Saks, Neiman Marcus and Barneys. He has a lot of great James Perse T-shirts and some Alexander Wang. He also wore a lot of really cool things by Varvatos, and I found a new line, Logan, which I loved on him.

StyleList: Any fashion challenges with him?
C.F.: I had to unsex him. He's a guy who can look like this sexy G.I. Joe without even trying. I could slip a T-shirt on the man, and it would look like it was painted on. I went bigger with some things just to make him look a little less Ken doll.

StyleList: I know you can't tell us the ending, but Brad has said he's found love.
C.F.: He's so happy. You have to be ready and willing to jump in, and if you do, wonderful things can happen. It was very hard for him in the beginning. I think he was afraid the same thing was going to happen again, but he fell in love with the person he was meant to.

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