We've heard of high-definition concealer and Blu-ray foundation powder, but get ready for this new British import: HD Brows.

The craze was set off when soccer player Wayne Rooney's wife, Coleen, was recently seen leaving the BeautyFX salon in Cheshire with a fresh new pair of fabulously shaped brows.

(The Brit rags affectionately refer to Ms. Rooney as a "WAG" -- wife and girlfriend -- a term they reserve for Victoria Beckham-aspiring beaus of soccer players.)

HD Brows are so named for the sweepingly arched brow style often seen on celebrities gracing the silver screen, with neatly trimmed parameters and a glimpse of glamorously highlighted brow bone.

The beauty-aholic may argue the technique was first popularized by Anastastia Soares' style of waxing and fill-in here in the USA -- but the Brit version trains technicians in the full litany of tinting, threading, waxing, trimming and tweezing tools that the brand says makes for the ultimate customization experience for the client.

"You can change somebody's features, almost look like you've given them a bit of a facelift by having a decent arch in their brow," says Nilam Patel, co-director and head trainer for HD Brows.

The video shows one "everyday" blonde leaving Patel's chair with decidedly Megan Fox-like brows, for which she claims to travel 50 miles each way to get personally shaped by Patel.

Other intriguing before-and-after reveals include a Brit-accent-laced "oh, they're lovely!" exclamation from one newly arched subject, while after his turn in the chair, an everyday-looking lad says, "They're wicked!"

While the technique is still making the jump across the pond (there is only one certified technician available in the USA right now), Patel offers two-day trainings to salon professionals throughout the year in England -- so we predict hoards more will follow.

But if you have a trip to England or Ireland planned, you can experience HD Brows firsthand by finding a qualified technician trained by Patel.

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