Margaret Vinci Heldt, the woman behind the beehive hairstyle. Photo: Annemarie Mannion,

Margaret Vinci Heldt used to tell her clients, "I don't care what your husband does from the neck down, but I don't want him to touch you from the neck up."

The 92-year-old stylist was referring, of course, to her trademark beehive hairdo, which she invented 51 years ago.

Even though her tall tresses "stayed in good," clients were given strict instructions on how to preserve the look for up to a week at a time. "You could recomb the style and it would come right back," Heldt told

Now, more than half a decade since she retired, the Chicago stylist is being honored for all the buzz her beehive created in the beauty industry. Cosmetologists Chicago will award a new scholarship in Heldt's name, announcing the first recipient in March at its annual trade show.

Oh, beehive! Lady Gaga, Christina Hendricks as Joan Holloway on "Mad Men," and Amy Winehouse rock the towering hairdo. Photos: Bauer-Griffin | AMC courtesy photo | Anthony Harvey/WireImage

The backcombed 'do took the beauty industry by storm after Heldt was asked by Modern Beauty Salon magazine in 1960 to create a look that would set the stage for the new decade.

"Nothing much had happened since the French twist, the pageboy and the flip," she said.

"They told me: 'We want you to come up with something really different.'"

Heldt said she was inspired by a black velvet fez-style cap with two beaded decorations that look like bees.

"I liked that hat because, when I took it off, my hairstyle stayed in place," she said.

It's also stayed put for more than five decades.

Just look around Hollywood.

Christina Hendricks, who plays secretary Joan Holloway on "Mad Men" has made the beehive trendy and oh-so-sexy again. Beyoncé, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, Taylor Swift, Naomi Campbell and, of course, Amy Winehouse have also sported updated renditions of the mile-high 'do.

In other honors for Heldt and her classic hairstyle, the Chicago History Museum is hoping to add her inspirational fez hat to its collection.

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