AOL photo illustration by Bernadette Sheridan | Images: AP, Getty Images, Alamy

Celebrities' fortunes rise and fall as surely as if they were listed on the stock market. In 2011, which stars will increase their red-carpet value, and which will lose it?

We have done the math! By combining overall style with outrageousness and frequency of appearances, we were able to make 11 leading-lady "stock picks" by assigning their red carpet values. On the judging panel were Fashionista Editor Lauren Sherman, Racked Editor Danica Lo, celebrity stylist June Ambrose and Hollywood Life Fashion Editor Katrina Mitzeliotis.

Lindsay Lohan = 4.3: Her tumultuous year makes Lohan innately more interesting. Yet despite being in rehab for a significant portion of 2010, she still managed to drag herself to 56 events (as counted by the red-carpet photo service Wire Image), more than many of the working actresses on this list. Our experts gave Lohan average style scores. "I want to see her wow us with a fashion comeback and leave the skimpy eighties dresses at home," Ambrose says. Overall, Lindsay continues to put herself out there too much, and she needs a style revamp to increase her value in 2011.

Carey Mulligan = 4.9: Mulligan has evolved into one of Hollywood's style sweethearts. "She is elegant and eclectic at once, a difficult thing to pull off on the red carpet," Sherman says. Her willingness to experiment definitely earns style points. Mitzeliotis adds, "Even if you don't totally love what she's wearing, you have to respect the risks she takes and the confidence she exudes on the red carpet." Yet Mulligan, with 73 events under her belt in 2010 was a little overexposed, as well as a little personally boring, both of which lowered her currency.

Angelina Jolie = 9.4: Angie's style scores dropped this past year. Our experts are simply tired of her drab blacks and grays and are eager for more fun from this mom of six. "Back in the early-to-mid-2000s, Jolie and her casual thrown-on glamour was the perfect antidote to the drab overstiff tulle and taffeta on the red carpet. These days, her messy hair just looks, well, messy, and her clothing choices bore us to sleep. I'd like to see Jolie wear something with flavor, attitude and sex for once before she turns into Mrs. Boring," Lo says. But she's still Angelina Jolie, and she attends relatively few events and has the highest X-factor we can award by virtue of her fascinating personal life. All of which gives her one of the highest red carpet currencies of 2010.

Anne Hathaway = 7.1: Pretty and polished, albeit a little bit boring, Hathaway still manages to stun on the red carpet because of how little we see of her. Because her personal life is so personal (and formerly so scandalous with that jailbird boyfriend and all), we covet any chance to see her. "Hathaway gets high marks because she's always impeccably groomed, and she knows her colors. But she's a star who might benefit from getting a little sexed-up once in a while," Lo says.

Kim Kardashian = 1.5: Kim, Kim, Kim! If only you would stay home once in a while, everyone would be much more excited to see you. Style-wise Kardashian received average scores with our experts, who agree that she looks beautiful on the carpet, but tends to pander to the public by overaccentuating her assets (boobs and butt) and rarely mixing things up. Overexposure killed Kardashian this year, with 153 events in 364 days. Let's hope she takes a night off in 2011. It will do her stock good.

Lady Gaga = 10.2: Ms. Gaga needs little explanation for her soaring value. She continued to wow in 2010, whether she wore meat dresses or body armor. Perhaps a little overexposed, but each time we see her, it's like she is brand spanking new and we cannot get enough. Ambrose says, "Gaga is the queen of red-carpet chaos!" Lo adds, "Going there and taking the risk, even if it comes off stupid-looking and over the top, means there's never a dull moment when Gaga is around." Like a Silicon Valley stock at the turn of the century, her growth potential seems limitless.

Jessica Simpson = 3.3: We didn't see that much of Jessica Simpson on the red carpet this year, but what we did see was pretty boring. "Somebody, please help this girl. She needs to go back to Rachel Zoe. Those curves are wasted on granny outfits," Sherman implores. What will make Simpson more interesting in 2011 is a bun in ye olde oven. Time to get busy, Jess.

Kristen Stewart = 5.4: She's one half of America's hottest vampire couple, but Stewart
consistently disappoints, mainly because she's also the queen of the sourpusses. Would it kill this girl to smile a bit? "Most of the time, she looks uncomfortable and unhappy on the red carpet, which is never pretty," Sherman says. Stewart could be red-carpet gold if only she'd loosen up and enjoy the life that has been handed to her on a silver platter.

Sofia Vergara = 3.6: Stunning, sexy and always shockingly hilarious for a woman with such a great rack, Vergara lights up any carpet she walks. Unfortunately, she seems to be walking a few too many. The "Modern Family" actress appeared at 71 events this year and, even though she looked very good doing it, she's diminishing her currency by being everywhere all at once.

Halle Berry = 8.8: A big breakup and sexy new boyfriend does wonders for your star power. Berry is one of the most beautiful and well-heeled women in the world, but her personal life is what gave her red-carpet clout in 2010. She made only 27 appearances this year and knocked each of them out of the park. "Whether she's in a plunging dress or a pantsuit, she never plays it safe," Mitzeliotis says.

Natalie Portman = 15.3: Talk about a rally. We're very bullish on Portman. This time last year, she would have garnered average attention on the carpet. She's interesting because she is one of the scarcest stars on our list, appearing at only 40 events this year, but in the past two weeks, she went from meh to meow when she announced her engagement to sexy ballet dancer Benjamin Millepied along with the bombshell that she's having his baby. Now we won't be able to get enough of Portman and her growing belly, making her the most valuable red-carpet celebrity going into 2011.