Clinique Chubby Stick

Clinique's new Chubby Sticks burst with sheer doses of color. Courtesy photo.

Clinique is bringing back a golden oldie, but reinvented for the sheerer tastes and on-the-go lifestyle of the modern woman.

We are speaking of course, of the Chubby Stick.

Those hip enough to have used the original '90s lipliner-and-lip-color-in-one will fondly remember the darker "90210"-esque color selection. Brenda Walsh, anyone?

You also had to buy and tote around an oversized sharpener -- lest you get caught after lunch with a flat pencil and half-stained lips screaming for a touch-up.

But those memories can now rest in peace along with your Walkman and slap bracelet.

The new Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm that launches at counters this month forgoes the sharpener for a swivel up-and-down design, and replaces those dark browns and plums of the past with eight fresh lip tints in shades like Super Strawberry and Mega Melon.

We're also loving Fuller Fig and Whole Lotta Honey for a soft sheen nude lip on darker skin tones.

Loaded with mango and shea butters, the lip treat doubles as a soothing balm, and retails for $15 a pop.

And while the allure of first drawing a lip line and filling in makes us feel like a giddy child playing with coloring books, we're wondering: What do you think of the name? Would you seek out and slather on a product called "Chubby Stick"? Vote in our poll.

Our guess is that celebs may run the other way.

And in more back-and-better-than-ever news, the Brits are transforming big statement brows into high-definition glamour.