Condition your eyelashes without the hassle of obtaining a presciption with NeuLash. Photo Courtesy of NeuLash

By now, you've likely seen or tried one of the many new products promising to help grow thicker, longer lashes. NeuLash is another candidate for the category.

Though rather than employing prescription drugs like Latisse, NeuLash purports to be a conditioner for your lashes that helps prevent breakage, hydrates and promotes overall health so that your lashes will become thicker and fuller naturally, much like a hair conditioner does.

NeuLash claims that its nourishing proteins, vitamins, peptides and moisturizers will make your lashes look thicker in two weeks, with better results at eight weeks. In a clinical study, after eight weeks, 47 percent of participants reported longer-looking lashes.

What also sets it apart from prescription lash enhancers is that it can be used on brows, too, and it contains skin-brightening licorice extract, which is always a great benefit to the eye area.

"Years of extensive research and testing resulted in a product that is ophthalmologist and dermatologist safety-tested and that really works," said Richard Carieri, president and CEO of Skin Research Laboratories, the company that created NeuLash. "When you compare them side by side, NeuLash offers many benefits that the prescription drug does not."

The eyeliner-like applicator is easy to apply (once a day at bedtime), cheaper than the prescription product, safe for contact-lens wearers and involves no doctor's appointment.

NeuLash retails for $85 for a 60-day supply and is available at, Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus stores, and and