Roitfeld (L) and Alt (R) pose with Karl Lagerfeld. Photo: WWD / Condé Nast / Corbis

After what feels like the world's fastest head-hunt, Vogue Paris fashion director Emmanuelle Alt has been named the successor to Carine Roitfeld -- who stepped down as Editor of the French edition of Vogue last month -- according to

Alt was the favored choice in the rumors leading up to the announcement, which took place on Jan. 7, and will be the second stylist in a row to have the position. At a press conference earlier today, Condé Nast France president Xavier Romatet announced the decision saying, "I give her full confidence to embody and lead this demanding brand and to let is live in all of its different dimensions - including digitally"

Meaning the mag will have to enter the abyss that is Internet publishing.

The new reign begins on Feb. 1. Alt said: "It's a great honor for me, but also a great pleasure to be at the head of Vogue Paris, which I know very well. Working with very talented teams, I will task myself with developing the incredible potential of Vogue Paris."

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Meanwhile, Roitfeld -- who was rumored to have been fired from the mag -- has been at the office working on the March issue.