Talk about character acting!

Dame Helen Mirren stepped out in Los Angeles Jan, 6 looking like she was prepping for a role in a nursery rhyme. (Specifically the upcoming "Red Riding Hood" -- which she isn't even in.)

"The Queen" actress attended a Ben Affleck double-feature and slipped out of the theater in a red hooded jacket, tights, patterned skirt and coordinating scarlet open-toe shoes and bag that gave her a distinctly juvenile vibe. She even flashed a bit of her bikini fit midriff while adjusting her hood and signing autographs.

Mirren is 65. 65!!!! Living proof that women don't dress their age until their 70s.

While the red bonnet look came off as a matchy-match misstep, the Oscar-winning actress may have just been trying to promote her last role as an aging bad ass in 2010's espionage spoof "Red." Mission accomplished.

The starlet has always been willing to make a sartorial statement for the sake of her craft. Read about how Mirren got naked in a bathtub to promote her role as a brothel keeper in last year's "Love Ranch."

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