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Kim Kardashian
sure looks fabulous, but can she sing? With her debut video, "Turn It Up," the 30-year-old brunette becomes the latest Hollywood starlet to test-drive her musical talents.

In photos posted to her Twitter page, the reality star sports Bo Derek braids, a skintight silver bodysuit and masses of silver glitter. But other Hollywood "It" girls before her have attempted to cross over into music, with decidedly mixed results. Check out our best-and-worst list below!

Paris Hilton: Kardashian's former BFF released her self-titled debut album in 2004, and shockingly, her first single, "Stars Are Blind," was a Top 10 hit in 17 countries! Perhaps the song was so successful because the heiress looked so fabulous while frolicking in the sand wearing a series of halter dresses and halter bathing suits. Although her album was met with mixed reviews, that hasn't stopped the 29-year-old from doing what she loves best -- she just announced that her second album is complete. Her frenemy Kim can expect some serious competition!

Lindsay Lohan
wasn't always such a mess. In fact, her 2004 album, "Speak," was so beloved that it peaked at No. 4 on the Billboard 200 chart and went platinum. Lilo hasn't changed her look much in the past six years: In the video for her single "Rumors," the now 24-year-old is scantily clad in her club-gear uniform of boob-baring top and tight jeans. Now that she's out of rehab, maybe it's time for her to ditch that look?

Scarlett Johansson is a streetwise New Yorker, and it shows in the video for her first single, "Falling Down," from her 2008 album "Anywhere I Lay My Head." In the video, the 26-year-old divorcée-to-be is transformed into her glamorous persona, starting off with a fresh face and ending the same way, while sporting in between a seriously Oscar-worthy black gown and updo. Although the album of Tom Waits songs was a mixed bag critically, Johansson has continued to make sweet music -- just not with Ryan Reynolds anymore.

Leighton Meester
It isn't surprising that Upper East Siders (and everyone else!) are whispering about the actress's musical talents. The "Gossip Girl" starlet's 2009 debut single, "Somebody to Love," is fierce! The 24-year-old is a mixture in the video of "GG"'s most beloved characters, looking very Blair in a chignon and pearls, Serena in a sparkly skin-baring bodysuit, and Jenny Humphrey with masses of feathers, fur, black eyeliner and ruby-red lipstick. Although she hasn't released a CD yet, chances are Gossip Girl (and her fans) will know about it first!

Kim Zolciak: Uh-oh, we hope the other reality star named Kim doesn't follow in Kim's musical footsteps! "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" star released the single "Tardy for the Party" in 2009, but thus far, hasn't followed up with a music video. She did embark on a small club tour, though, which is semi-evident in her clothing choices while premiering her single on "The Wendy Williams Show": ripped jeans, Michael Jackson-esque jacket and tight-fitting T-shirt. Some loved the 32-year-old's single though, as it peaked at No. 80 on the iTunes Top 200 chart, and she did plan to release an album in 2010, which has been delayed.

Heidi Montag
: Oh Heidi, where did you go wrong? Although the 24-year-old plastic surgery queen and "The Hills" alum worked with legendary producer David Foster and songwriter Cathy Dennis, her 2010 album "Superficial" still failed to impress. Maybe it was because of her bad press, or maybe it's the fact that she pranced around in a pink string bikini showing off her newly purchased global assets in the music video "Higher." Whatever the reason, her album only managed to sell 1,000 copies in its first week. Ouch.

Hayden Panettiere: What became of the actress's musical career? Not much! After announcing on MySpace in 2008 her plans to release an album, the "Heroes" starlet only managed to put out the single "Wake Up Call." Like Lindsay Lohan before her, the 24-year-old's video is set in a club, where she wears lots of revealing clothing, such as a low-cut green blouse, a black vinyl trench coat and the tiniest LBD we've ever seen! It's unfortunate Panettiere's music career didn't work out though, because she's actually provided songs for many of the films she's worked on, including "Ice Princess" and "Tiger Cruise."

Jamie-Lynn Sigler
: Poor Jamie-Lynn is smart enough to know when she's made a killer mistake. After her 2001 album, "Here to Heaven," was a commercial failure, "The Sopranos" star called the CD an "embarrassment" and said she wished she hadn't released it. Evidence of this: The now 29-year-old never released a video showcasing her style -- although from the looks of the all-black, semi-revealing dress on her album cover, she just wanted to look as average as she sounded.