Taylor Swift
may know how to work a Grammy stage, but her new commercial debut as the latest CoverGirl shows she can rock out as a glamour girl, too.

Outfitted in a stunning gold gown and fiery red lip, the 21-year-old country sensation vogues for the camera while preaching the values of "light as air" makeup.

From the looks of it, Swift is also flaunting a stroke of her favorite black liquid liner, though we're guessing a pro applied it with only the best selection to choose from this time -- as the songstress told us in an interview last month that she'll resort to extreme measures if caught without her liner.

"When I was on a plane to Japan like two years ago...and I had no makeup with me, I went to the bathroom and used a Sharpie! I do not recommend drawing eyeliner on with a Sharpie," said Swift.

As for red lips, Swift dished to Styleist she always tissues over the lipstick, and then sets with a touch of powder for a velvet-matte finish. She credits the trick as one of the best she has learned from working with celebrity makeup artists since enjoying a generous dose of fame herself.

Yet, Swift wasn't always so adept with a makeup brush, though her mother turned out to be one of her strongest -- and most tactful-- supporters when the youngster tried to master makeup in high school.

"I was just terrible at it, and I'd come downstairs with black eye shadow all over my eyelid, and she'd be like, 'Honey, you might want to clean that up.' She was never like, 'Turn around, take it off!' She has always been really, really cool about -- we'll call it artistic expression," said Swift with a smile.

And we're willing to bet that commercial is "artistic expression" that has netted Swift some pretty pennies to boot.

As for the CoverGirl NatureLuxe line that Taylor promotes in the spot, you can find out the sheer and soft details here.

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