Jessica Simpson hair

Jessica Simpson's outrageous bouffant hairstyle. Photo: Lauren Auslander's Twitter

Sometimes a person's hairdo just makes you want to say, "What the..."

Like this one from Jessica Simpson. Just look at what she's done to her formerly silky smooth locks.

Spotted in a recent photo posted on Twitter, the 30-year-old pop star is raising plenty of eyebrows -- and plenty of hair -- with her bizarre bouffant. Simpson's blonde locks were piled high on her head and backcombed into a tangled mess for a reported top-secret magazine shoot.

Phew! At least this isn't permanent.

Nevertheless, her publicist is not afraid to show off the singer's mile-high locks to fans around the world.

"Hey @JessicaSimpson nice new 'do for 2011," wrote Lauren Auslander on her Twitter account yesterday.

Does it go without saying that we are not a fan of this 'do? And judging from the unamused look on Simpson's face, we have to believe she's not either.

Kind of makes these messy bedhead looks appear tame.

In other Jessica Simpson news, check out her engagement ring from fiancé Eric Johnson!

Even straight hair can get frizzy. If you want to smooth it down, take a cue from celebrity stylist Danielle Caputo and follow the steps in the video below to tame frizzy hair for a sleeker look.

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