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Supermodel and fashion entrepreneur Kimora Lee Simmons may seem all diva-that, but when it comes to the beauty lesson she wants to teach daughters Ming and Aoki, she's completely -- and surprisingly -- pragmatic.

"I want them to floss their teeth. When I hover, they floss them wonderfully," she says, sounding exasperated about what happens when she leaves the room. "I mean, I hear them brushing their teeth and I yell, 'You better be flossing.' They tell me they do, but I don't know...."

StyleList spoke to the model, one-time Karl Lagerfeld muse and wife of twice-Oscar-nominated actor Djimon Honsou to discuss the fourth season of her Style Network series, "Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane"

Simmons, who announced via Twitter last year she was ending her 10-year tenure at the helm of fashion label Baby Phat, tells us this season, which premiered Jan. 9, will still be "fashion central" with her KLS fashion empire going in a new direction. Of course, we'll also get to see some of her adorable toddler son, Kenzo, and handsome husband.

So what's new with Kimora?

She's Shed More Than Baby Phat: Simmons recently lost 20 pounds by "breaking up with chocolate" and stepping up her workouts. "I get on the treadmill every day now. It's a new decade, and I'm realizing that the girl I was in my 20s is gone. I'm growing up and realized I had to make changes. I've got to work out now. I feel like the women who watched through the years will really identify with this. Just like me, they are more grown-up, not the club/party girl anymore, and they are probably dealing with some of the very same issues."

She's Done a Beauty About Face Too
: "I've noticed some lines and I know they call them character lines, but I'll be honest, I want them to go away," she says. So Simmons is busy prepping for an antiaging beauty line to launch sometime this spring. "You'll see me working on developing it on the show," she says. The focus will be on a botanical-based line "that caters to women like me."

"It's not the teenage-girl kind of stuff. I can't just ignore my skin like I did when I was 15 or 18," she says, adding, "I have left the party girl behind and the grown-up me needs some serious skin care. But it smells great and it's yummy and addictive and I can't wait to share it with the world."

She's a Shine Addict:
Tubes of her signature KLS Goddess Gloss and a "great pair of sunglasses" are the two must-haves in her purse.

She's Bred Mini-Mogu
ls: Despite their occasional flossing lapses, Simmons says daughters Ming and Aoki are fashion-biz "naturals" who keep dress forms in their room and cut fabric for fun. "They've done capsule collections, but now they want to talk about a line and how to do it properly," she says. "They've grown up on the runway, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised that they share my ambitions."

She's Outgrown Her Baby Togs:
Simmons didn't delve into the exact reasons for the demise of her Baby Phat collaboration (we asked!) but offered, "In this economy and age, people and brands have their ups and downs. I'm coming out of 2010 stronger and better and on my feet. I created Baby Phat over 10 years ago, and it was definitely time to end it and it worked out great. My motto for 2011 is onward and upward."

Instead, expect Simmons to focus on her "higher-end, contemporary" KLS line as well as a related Kouture by Kimora line she does for Macy's. "I'm in a position to service my fans much more authentically than I've done before. We have families and kids now, and they can expect something more grown-up and sophisticated from me. I think it will be my best (line) yet."

"Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane" airs Sunday on the Style Network at 9 p.m. ET/PT.