The new Marc Jacobs handbags for Spring 2011. From left to right: Paradise "Vera" in green ($695), "The Single" in bright pink ($525) and the baroque "Sullivan" in black ($1195). Courtesy photo

It's starting.

The trickle of new spring merchandise is starting to arrive in stores. And nothing has us more excited than Marc Jacobs' spring handbags.

Say hello to your (new) little friends! Without further ado may we introduce Vera, Sullivan and Single.

The Vera is a gorgeous shoulder bag with a strap that's long enough to wear across your body or simply on your shoulder. The bag itself is roomy enough to hold everything -- makeup, a little work, a pair of shoes and whatever else gets you through the day. It's available in black, blush (aka pink), taupe, Cloud (ahem, blue), fuchsia and green and costs $695.

The Sullivan and the Single are updated, hipster versions of that classic quilted Chanel bag that we all covet. The baroque Sullivan is the perfect day bag with double straps and a roomy body for $1,195 in black, blush, taupe, Cloud and yellow. The Single is slightly smaller, making it a great day-to-night bag with a longer strap that can go across the body (a residual trend from last spring), all for $525, in black, blush, bright pink and purple.

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