Brigitte Bardot

Rachel McAdams dons Brigitte Bardot-inspired hair at the UK premiere of her new film, "Morning Glory." Photo: GF/

At the UK premiere of her latest film "Morning Glory," actress Rachel McAdams donned vamped up, voluminous locks.

That gorgeously disheveled, Brigitte Bardot-esque hair was perfected by Sebastian Professional stylist Thomas Dunkin, who revealed how he whipped her stands into lust-worthy shape.

Read on below for Dunkin's step-by-step instructions on how to amp up your strands like McAdams.

- Apply Sebastian Professional Potion 9 Light on dry hair and blow-dry each section with a very large round brush.

- Use heated rollers to set each section as you go. To help achieve maximum root lift, start each roller at the root of the hair and wrap around the ends last. Once the rollers have cooled, remove and turn head upside down to shake out the sections.

- Spritz with Sebastian Professional Shaper Zero Gravity and gently backcomb the entire head to add in volume.

- Use a medium-sized curling iron to curl random sections throughout. Part hair directly down the center, bending face-framing pieces away from the face to give for a naturally soft, but sexy, effect.

Watch the video below to master styling with hot rollers!

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