John Shearer, WireImage

Don't put it past celebrity stylist, reality star and expectant mommy Rachel Zoe to deck out her new addition in couture. Her husband, oft-beleaguered Rodger Berman certainly doesn't.

"We are expecting our first child, who will lead us on our greatest adventure yet -- and I won't be surprised if our baby has Chanel diapers, Missoni blankets, and an Hermès bassinet. People say he or she is going to be the most fashionable baby ever. And I believe them," Berman says in the February issue of Harper's Bazaar.

Berman himself says he has no predisposition for fashion, but his wife has gotten him to appreciate it. Being Zoe's perpetual plus-one must be trying on a man, but Berman seems to appreciate that too.

"Nothing makes your station in life more clear than when a stranger hands you a camera while he poses with your wife. But I'm proud to say I can now add amateur photographer to my growing list of secondary occupations, which also includes valet, personal assistant, and publicist," Berman says. "While being the husband of überstylist Rachel Zoe lets me waltz confidently into fashion shows with Rachel by my side, the VIP treatment usually stops there. Any delusions of grandeur are interrupted by the words 'Excuse me, sir, you're in my seat.'"

It's easy to mock Berman, especially in this interview, but we still had a little smile when he describes how he and Rachel first met.

"I met Rachel in the summer of 1991. She was 19, and I was 22. She was a restaurant hostess, and I was working as a waiter in Washington, D.C., where we both attended college. I vividly remember the first time I saw her, wearing a tight black minidress, high-heeled pumps, stick-straight hair, and big red lips covered in M.A.C. Chili lipstick (her trademark). She was the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen. I quickly learned that she also had more clothes than any woman I had ever seen. I often wondered if she'd ever do an outfit change mid-date," Berman remembers.

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