Jessica Szhor strips down for SoBe on the streets of Costa Rica. Photo: Courtesy of SoBe

After spying the sexy images of "Gossip Girl" star Jessica Szohr going au naturel (save for some strategically placed body paint) for SoBe Lifewater's new ads, StyleList caught up with the actress to discuss stripping down for the beverage and being featured in Sports Illustrated's iconic swimsuit issue, among other things.

StyleList: Were you nervous going completely nude for these ads?
Jessica Szohr: Well, Ashley Greene is a friend of mine and she did it last year, and she went on and on about how amazing her experience was and how it was art on her body. So I was super excited after seeing what she did and then being asked to do it. When we shot the ad in Costa Rica, I went through 11 hours of getting my body painted. Once I finally got up and looked in the mirror, I was like, 'Oh my God. It actually looks like I have a swimsuit on.' It was an amazing experience. It was like my body was a canvas.

StyleList: Was it uncomfortable having all of these people poring over your body while painting it?
It was really so tastefully done. And the most uncomfortable part of it was climbing through the rain forest with the waterfalls and the rocks and mud during the shoot. I just didn't want to slip and fall or get eaten by anything. That's what I was more scared of than anything.

StyleList: Did you work out beforehand or diet?
Yes. My uncle Brian is a personal trainer, so he came and worked me out pretty hard for a couple weeks. He mixed the workouts up a lot, which I really liked. We did cardio and weights and a little bit of jump rope and boxing. We did a bunch of different things.

StyleList: Your SoBe ad is going to go in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. Did you ever imagine you'd be on those pages?
I was shocked when they told me that. I'm a little nervous, but I'm honored and flattered.

Photo: Courtesy of SoBe

StyleList: Some of your "Gossip Girl" co-stars have recently announced partnerships with fashion brands -- Blake Lively with Chanel and Leighton Meester with Missoni. Is that something you can see yourself doing, as well? If so, what would be your dream brand?
Definitely. Being a part of "Gossip Girl," fashion has become a big part of all of our worlds. I would love to do something like that. Proenza Schouler is amazing and Marc Jacobs. I think Chris Benz is amazing. There are so many great designers, and working with Eric Daman, we get to learn about so many other designers that are coming up.

StyleList: Is your real life style at all like that of your character Vanessa on Gossip Girl?
I always say Vanessa's style is very funkified since she has so many layers and colors. I have fun with it because it's so different from my personal style. Out of everyone's closet, I would have to say my personal style is a mix of Jenny and Serena. Serena is very glitzy and glamour-y and Jenny is more rock 'n' roll.

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