Pete Wentz embraces his natural curls with a new hairdo. Photo: Scott Olson/Getty Images

Pete Wentz, who once told People that hair is more important than any other part of you -- except maybe your crotch or your soul -- is now opting for a slightly less "important" looking 'do

The normally perfectly coiffed and straight-haired singer turned designer revealed his natural curls during a press preview of the North American International Auto Show in Detroit on Monday.

Worn loose and somewhat messy, Wentz's wiry strands are a major departure from his signature punk-rock style. And those long sideburns he's sporting now? Kinda sexy if you ask us.

Maybe the 31-year-old Fall Out Boy bassist is outgrowing his heavy-metal image (after all, he ditched the guy-liner) and settling into marriage with Ashley Simpson-Wentz -- who also introduced a cute new hairstyle recently.

We're giving Wentz two hairs up for this look. Tell us what you think!

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