Woman applying makeup

Can't leave home without makeup? You aren't the only one, according to a new study. Photo: Corbis

Feeling like a natural woman is becoming a less common goal, says new research.

According to a study of 3,000 women conducted by U.K. chain store Superdrug, one in three refuses to leave home without first putting on makeup -- even if she's just running errands or making a quick stop at the grocery store.

The odds grew even greater when it came to the workplace.

Six out of 10 women said they wouldn't go to work without makeup on, citing concerns that a bare face could damage their reputation and career. Nearly one in four said she would likely be ignored for a promotion, while almost 40 percent of women said their managers would perceive appearing without makeup as slovenly and unkempt.

"For many women, putting their makeup on is an important part of their day, and the thought of people seeing them without can be horrifying," Superdrug's Sara Wolverson told Britain's Daily Mail.

"We know that when it comes to cutting back, cosmetics are seen as essential. Wearing and buying cosmetics is not about vanity. It's about giving a woman confidence to succeed in every area of their life," added Wolverson.

Yet, the public sphere and the workplace aren't the only sites where women say they feel pressure to put on a face. When it comes to matters of romance, participants said that the pressure to look bright-eyed and glossy is overwhelming.

Over one-third of all 3,000 women studied thinks that her significant other would not have been attracted if she hadn't been wearing cosmetics when they met. And the average time it took a woman to feel comfortable enough to show her partner her makeup-free face was two and a half months.

A significant portion was even more extreme regarding fear of going barefaced in front of a partner. About 14 percent always wakes up earlier than her partner to put on a face of makeup before the other wakes up. One in 10 women admitted she would flat-out never let her better half see her without makeup.

Meanwhile, research studying male preferences actually reports that men often think women wear too much makeup, and they prefer a more natural look.

So is it a sign of self-respect and pride or low self-esteem that has women reaching for the makeup brush? Tell us what you think.

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