Playboy via Twitpic

Oh Christina, you saucy minx!

Photos of Christina Hendricks, aka Joan Holloway Harris from "Mad Men," that appeared in Playboy have recently been unearthed and posted on TheSmokingJacket and Playboy's Twitter account.

The pictures are not exactly tasteful (what were we expecting?) and show the buxom one -- who has inspired girls around the world to embrace their natural frame -- in a platinum wig and silver string bikini. She's part of a trio of fair, barely dressed maidens that are feeding a Speedo-clad gentleman some sort of potion in a red test tube-like shot glass. Love potion number nine, perhaps?

The photo appeared in 1999 when Hendricks was taking odd modeling gigs (she appears to be much slimmer) and making the transition to being an actress.

The redhead still models -- you can spot her in London Fog ads and on -- and now fields cover shoots including Harper's Bazaar, Rolling Stone, LA Times Magazine, and GQ. Hendricks, who is a natural blonde, has rarely been seen without her trademark fire red tresses.

We, however, like seeing her as a blonde -- her skin tone finally makes sense.

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