You already know that Kim Kardashian is one of the sexiest women in Hollywood.

But this picture she Tweeted of herself in a barely-there black bikini has some fans wondering whether too little is just too much. The tiny black swimsuit seems to be having a hard time containing those famous Kardashian curves, leading to a fierce debate between haters and fans in the comments section of the post.

Typical of the more positive responses was this comment: "great body Kim! you deserve it! :D dont hear people who dont deserve to be hear! U look great!"

Someone less keen on the picture wrote: "she obscene and use just her body to get more rich, she use it to maximum no shame no teaste." (We'll let you draw your own conclusions about the person's spelling ability.)

But perhaps the voice of compromise can be heard in this comment: "I like you better with more clothes... :/"

While Kim doesn't reveal the bikini designer, she does say that the necklace in the picture is from Jason Arasheben, known as Jason of Beverly Hills.

What do you think of the photograph?

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