Rob Grabowski, Retna

Hold up, Emmanuelle Alt. Miss Piggy would also like to try her hand at editing French Vogue, thank you very much.

The new Muppets Movie, set for a Thanksgiving 2011 release, will be one of the most fashionable yet, thanks to Miss Piggy's gig as editor of the ever chic Vogue Paris.

According to Moviefone, the upcoming film's plot revolves around a schemester trying to tear down the Muppets Theatre in order to get to an oil reservoir beneath it. Of course, the Muppets won't be having any of that. In an effort to save the theatre with a money-raising telethon, Kermit rounds up his gang and while doing so brings audience members on an entertaining "Where Are They Now?" journey.

It turns out Fozzie is working at a casino in Reno, Gonzo is the owner of a plumbing company, Animal is "dealing with anger management issues in a Santa Barbara clinic," and Miss Piggy is hard at work as editor of French Vogue.

While it's unclear if any big name designers will be making cameos within Miss Piggy's posh Paris office, the idea isn't so far out of reach. The puppet diva has strong ties to the fashion world and has an enviable closet stuffed with custom creations by the likes of Yves Saint Laurent, Jason Wu, Prada, and Marc Jacobs, whom she counts as a personal friend.

So, what would a Miss Piggy-edited French Vogue look like? From what she revealed to us in this exclusive interview in 2009, we think the whole magazine would look much, well, plumper.

"I have never seen the attraction of thinner-than-thin models (and neither has Kermit!)," Miss Piggy told StyleList. "To moi, less is never more. More is more and with moi. You get more of what you want, which is moi. Of course, I do enjoy doing photo shoots with super-thin supermodels. I get the caterer all to myself!"

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