Jason Merritt, Getty Images

At StyleList, we really, truly like to salute brave fashion decisions and encourage every woman to find her own style. But Helena Bonham Carter? While this look may be individual, we're just not seeing a lot of style.

Carter, nominated for Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture, is a beautiful woman with a presence. She doesn't need to walk a red carpet in this sort of attention-getting getup -- hair that looks like it came straight from 1991, a Vivienne Westwood dress that does not flatter her curvy hips (and we love those!) and mismatched shoes. Oh yeah, don't forget the little sunglasses.

In a world of over-styling, where every celebrity move is calculated, it might be refreshing to see a big star break the mold. But somehow, this look feels just as deliberate, and we'd rather she went for deliberately beautiful.

What do you think?