Natalie Portman (Getty), Helena Bonham Carter (AP) and Scarlett Johansson (Getty) at the Golden Globes

Christmas came late to the carpet of the 2011 Golden Globes, with trends for green and red dresses that made us wonder whether some of the actresses thought they were lining up on the carpet for an audience with Santa.

And what a bad Santa he turned out to be!

Host Ricky Gervais' barbed remarks seem set to be the main water-cooler topic in the aftermath of the ceremony (full recap of all the Moviefone Golden Globes moments here), since the awards themselves were handed out without any major upsets (check here for a full list of Golden Globes winners.)

Some people thought the biggest upset of the night was Helena Bonham Carter's Vivienne Westwood number with mis-matched shoes.

Also controversial was the Viktor & Rolf dress worn by Natalie Portman, who won for the Best Actress in a Motion Picture Drama. Not only did the blood-red rose on the gown seem to reference (spoiler alert!) her "Black Swan" dancer's unique ability to perform a ballet with a dagger-sized shard of glass stuck in her body, she also seemed to embrace the Odette/Odile dichotomy of the character while referencing her sex life with co-star and real-life baby daddy, Benjamin Millepied, in her acceptance speech.

The official description of Portman's dress, as supplied by the press agent, is a "couture strapless, multi-layered column gown in dust-pink silk satin adorned with a hand-embroidered Swarovski crystal red rose." In fact, Swarovski bedazzled everything in sight at this year's Globes, including the stage, which sported 30,000 individual crystals flown in from Austria.

The other fashion stories of the evening were buff dresses and pregnant actresses -- thankfully, Demi Moore stayed home last night, lest she be tempted to combine the two trends like she did on that Vanity Fair cover. (Although Gervais got off his best zinger of the evening at her family's expense, when he introduced her ex-husband Bruce Willis as current husband "Ashton Kutcher's dad.")

Scarlett Johansson opened the show fresh from a hair appointment with whatever salon worked on the Bride of Frankenstein. Maybe she was trying to send a message about Ryan Reynolds -- the soon-to-be-ex-"groom" to her "bride" -- to Sandra Bullock, who has recently been keeping company with the actor. Sandra herself had the other funky hair look of the night, a severe style with bangs that evoked Cleopatra had she been a member of the Manson family. You would definitely not want to have been caught between those women backstage!

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