Jason Merritt, Getty Images | Jerod Harris, Getty Images

"Mad Men" actress Christina Hendricks dropped an $850,000 Chopard diamond-and-platinum bracelet on the red carpet at Sunday's Golden Globes.

Moments after she arrived inside the ceremony ballroom, the New York Post's "Page Six" reports that Hendricks approached one of its staffers asking, "Have you seen a diamond bracelet? I've lost one that looks like this."

To complement her flame-red Romono Kaveeza dress, Hendricks was wearing two bracelets, totaling 200 carats of diamonds, loaned to her by Chopard. She was also wearing 20 carats of diamond-and-platinum Chopard earrings.

After realizing she must have dropped it on the frenetic red carpet, Hendricks dashed to the auditorium door and was able to retrieve the bracelet from an event worker who had found it. Whew!

Unable to secure a tricky clasp on the 124-carat pear-cut fancy-shape bracelet, Hendricks slipped it into her famously ample cleavage (that's what the paper wrote!) and persuaded security guards blocking the doors to let her pass it to her publicist for safekeeping.

Jewelry expert Gus Davis of New York City-based Camilla Dietz Bergeron tells StyleList there's standard industry protocol for protecting red-carpet jewels and accessories, such as the Bulgari bag his firm loaned Julianne Moore for the Globes.

"When a piece is loaned, it is covered by insurance. Most of the time, it's the jeweler who holds the insurance, but sometimes it's the client," he says. "And depending on the value of the item, there's usually a security guard involved."

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