Sandra Bullock Blunt Bangs

Sandra Bullock rocks blunt bangs at the 2011 Golden Globe Awards. Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

"The Blind Side" actress Sandra Bullock rocked blunt bangs at the 2011 Golden Globe Awards ceremony in Los Angeles.

The mane man behind her new look is celebrity hairstylist David Babaii. He revealed that he was inspired by the '60s in creating Bullock's bangs and textured ends.

Babaii predicts this award season will be full of natural textures and waves, adding that gorgeous, shiny, red-carpet-worthy locks can be created with simply one product and, of course, the proper styling tools.

He proves his point by using only the new and nourishing Couture Pequi Oil Treatment to create Bullock's '60s-style hairdo. Read on for Babaii's step-by-step instructions.

* Apply a small amount Couture Colour Pequi Oil Treatment to damp hair. This product will not be available until March, so in the meantime, we suggest you try Ojon Restorative Leave-In Treatment for All Shades.

* After blow-drying hair straight with a paddle brush, section the hair, beginning with the bang area, and then clip the sides and back.

* Starting at the nape, reapply Ojon's Restorative Leave-In Treatment to each section to create the maximum amount of shine while you flatiron the hair completely straight with IT&LY Hair Fashion Digital Flat Iron.

* Using a flatiron for the bang area, turn the iron slightly under to create a soft cupping effect.

* To finish, apply some of the Restorative Treatment to your hands, warm slightly and then run your hands over the top to smooth flyaways and to define the piecey texture at the ends.

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Have you been thinking of cutting your bangs, but afraid to take the plunge? Watch the video below on how to wear clip-in bangs.