Jim Spellman, WireImage

We all know that being over 50 doesn't mean you can't be foxy. How about over 50, foxy and rocking killer shoes? Most definitely.

According to a new survey by the U.K.'s Saga magazine, almost 75 percent of women over 50 are still happily wearing their heels, the Daily Mail reports.

"The boundaries of ageing have changed beyond all recognition," Saga's Emma Soames told the Daily Mail. "The sensible flat shoe is no longer the footwear of choice by older women who still like to dress fashionably and smartly until well into their seventies."

If you're worried about a sudden increase in broken hips, fear not. Stilettos are only popular with 10 percent of the over-50 set, while only 2 percent will wear a 5-inch-plus heel. Of the 4,400 women polled, 73 percent prefer the basic high-heel pump, while 30 percent favor the kitten heel.

The Mail speculates that the popularity of heels for older-50s is due in part to glamorous celebrities like Helen Mirren and Jane Fonda stepping out in them, as well as to shoe-obsessed characters on programs like "Sex and the City."

"Older role models reflect the style that older women like to project. High heels are just part of the package," Soames explains.

Just be careful, girls! Mariah Carey ended up in a wheelchair after rocking some killer heels. That's one sacrifice that even we are not willing to make for fashion.

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