Walk, walk, fashion, baby...

Back in September, Lady Gaga's stylist Nicola Formichetti -- the man behind such iconic Gaga looks as the meat dress, leather chaps and straitjacket frocks -- was announced as the new creative director of Mugler.

Currently, the fashion friends have teamed up to release an exclusive short film on StyleList featuring Gaga's new song and Formichetti's first collection. (Tune in on January 20th at noon to see what the creative cohorts come up with.)

In the interim you may want to peruse the style roots of ubiquitous popstar -- who is No. 7 on this year's Forbes 100 Most Powerful Women. Born as Stefani Germanotta, it is hard to imagine that a few years ago the 24-year-old Gaga was singing in dive joints on New York's Lower East Side.

Open her closet doors and you'll likely find heel-less heels (which we've tried!) a dress made of human hair and ensembles that could put theatrical costume shops to shame.

So check out how this superstar -- who has eight wax figures around the globe -- has morphed from typical teen to unpredictable glamazon. And if 2010 was any prediction, we have a lot to look forward to in 2011!